Mommy, this mortal wound is all itchy.

Pacify Ophelia: The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp

Time is just a bunch of noise and honey.

In addition to a mix of longer monologues and more dense film sections, this video collage comes with a supposedly random pattern of mantras and aphorisms. PO:TLiSotS is woven from a dream-like stream of consciousness—like REM sleep hyperactivity.

Ambiguous rage unraveled: the outcome of extremely burdensome experiences that undermine your sense of being safe and leave you vulnerable and helpless in a world of increasing threats. Reminiscences of ancient narratives about the deceased of the swamp and the proverbial damsel in distress conjure up a victim mentality not suited for modern day empowerment necessities.

Trapped by trauma. Frozen in a state of hyperarousal and fear. Outlining this trap, the interplay of this video’s multiverse of references and quotes accompanies the stony path ultimately leading to lotus effect status. Beyond all that, PO:TLiSotS comes with an offer: it’s an invitation to become aware of one’s own ways of reoccurring agony connected with the potential for constant healing and partial self-fulfilment from within.

Scarlet Letter Crusades. Slut shaming slogans becoming a get ready with me anthem. Blessing in disguise.