I am born again.

Herzensschatzi Komm Komm Komm – To Kill or Not to Kill the Heroine

Love him, I love him, I love him and where he goes...

There is actually no one to follow at all, not any capital H.I.M. for that matter—because we choose to be our own saviors and redeemers. If one has to become a cunning slut for it, the end justifies the means.

HKKK–TKoNtKtH connects in sometimes wild moving image sequence, sometimes dead silent scything time the martyrdoms of different fictional female personalities, who are either in dialogue with themselves or some form of higher pseudo-authority. What is able to unite them all is the strength of their resiliance and the determination of their efforts to stand up for themselves. These efforts are never in vain, for each new story holds within itself the potential for pathbreaking new trajectories.