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SCUM – or: The Tragedy of Heterosimplicity

Hetero is in crisis. Sexual harassment, misconduct and rape are no longer the taboo subjects that have been hushed up before. We are living in a post #MeToo era. These days straight gals and guys constantly invest a lot of money on relationship training, seduction workshops and couple’s retreat sessions hoping to recieve a long lost sense of fulfilment.

S–o:TToH explores what, supposedly, might be wrong with heterosexuality in the current century, and what straight people might be able to do to transcend it for good. This video cluster shows how straight women, and to a lesser extent straight men, have tried to patch up a flawed and defective patriarchal system in which closeness, uncontaminated sexual pleasure and mutual appreciation are demanded to exist parallel with persisting manifestations of imbalance, othering and sheer violence in intimate relationships.

S–o:TToH also takes a distinct look at the fetishization of fabled utilitarian objects that give their users attributes and capabilities to help in situations of need without addressing the primary source of their problems. In the end, the cluster intends to inspire straight men and women to take a cue from queer culture's experience and perspective reiterating to them the inherently human ability to simultaneously covet, fuck and demonstrate respect.