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Callisto & you shall decide whether you belong

The fox is dead. Uncrossing messiah. Long live the fox queen of the flames. C&ysdwyb investigates several dimensions of vengeance. It is an ode to the hope of reaching a sphere of fleeting tranquility after having satisfied one's thirst for compensation. Because the most that one could ever hope to accomplish is to take revenge and watch it all burn—until there is nothing left to burn. Then, if the portals of perception are cleansed, debris lays open, everything would appear as it is, finite yet hopefully sore.

At the center of this snippet collection is the nemesis of warrior princess Xena, Callisto, who, accompanied by a group of stealthy Little Red Riding Hoods, dares to rewrite her story. She is the icon of liberation, avenging angel transcending pain and penetration—like Saint Sebastian canonized into martyrdom.